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NAS Recommendation for 100 TB Plex Library

Dear NASCompares Team,

I seek your advice on a NAS for a 100 TB Plex library, supporting up to 20-25 simultaneous users (Would 16Gb of Ram be enough ?) 4K HEVC/1080p X264 streams (average 4.7 Mbps, up to 9 Mbps). With a 10 Gbps fiber connection, I'm debating between a powerful processor for transcoding versus a non-transcoding option with client-side transcoding.

Which NAS model suits this, considering performance and data security? Also, advice on the optimal RAID configuration for such a setup would be invaluable.

Thanks for your expertise.

Best regards,

Anthony Filippi
Hey Anthony Filippi! For your massive 100 TB Plex library and high-demand streaming, I'd recommend checking out the Synology NAS models from the "Plus" or "XS" series, which are known for their robust performance. The DS1823xs+ or DS3622xs+ could be excellent choices with their powerful CPUs and substantial RAM options, ensuring smooth transcoding and handling multiple simultaneous streams effectively. Considering your 10 Gbps fiber connection, these models provide the bandwidth and processing power needed. Regarding RAM, 16GB should suffice for your usage, but you might consider expanding if you anticipate further growth or additional tasks. As for RAID configuration, a RAID 6 or RAID 10 setup would offer a balance between performance and data security.

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