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Replace my DS224+

As primarily a PC (all Linux Mint) backup (via rsync of LB & timeshift local backups) destination will any SSD based NAS buy me anything on a 2.5Gbps LAN? If so, is the flashstor 6 my best bet or a 2-bay with some nvme + SATA SSD drives?

On a bit of a different topic... I had hoped to use Active Backup for Biz on the Synology but found that the client agent only works on older kernels (5.13) effectively killing my hope to do 'pull' backups on the NAS... anybody else have a 'pull' solution that works with Linux clients?
Hey! For your Linux Mint backups over a 2.5Gbps LAN, an SSD-based NAS can indeed boost performance. The Asustor Flashtor FS6706T, mentioned in the NAS Buyers Guide, is a strong contender with its Intel Celeron N5105, 6 NVMe/SATA bays, and 4GB DDR4 RAM. It provides efficient data transfer over a high-speed network. Alternatively, you can explore a 2-bay NAS with a mix of NVMe and SATA SSD drives for a flexible storage solution. As for Active Backup for Biz, it's a bummer about the kernel compatibility. While I don't have an immediate pull backup solution with newer kernels, exploring community forums or reaching out to the Linux community might unearth some helpful alternatives. Best of luck, and feel free to dive deeper into NAS options at
I thought I had this down to 3 different units... primarily to push copies via rsync of the local backups to the near by NAS.  Prices b4 tax. 

But (per last PS)  I think these were overkill for what I need it for :-( 

I need to start over looking at lesser boxes.

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Will any of these be any faster than the other doing 100MB rsyncs or are they all network bandwidth limited?

One thing I haven't got ironed out is how to duplicate the weekly full system backup of DSM Hyperbackup functionality that backs up my DS224+ to the DS416j out in the garage (via a run of buried cat6).  Will one or the other of these make that easier?

1) QNAP TS-464-8G - about $1015 with 3x 4TB Reds & 2 x 512MB nvme cache drives (fixed 8GB RAM)
2) Asustor Flashstor 6 FS6706T - just under $900 with 4x 2TB SOLIDIGM nvme drives (4GB, up to 16GB RAM)
3) Asustor Lockerstor 4 Gen2 AS6704T  - about $1015 with 3x 4TB Reds & 2 x 512MB nvme cache drives (4GB, up to 16GB RAM)


PS:  I have another USB to 2.5Gbps dongle coming to test in the DS224+... last one wouldn't even do 1Gbps speeds.  Above is all assuming I can't get 2.5Gbps on the 224+.

PPS: Now that I got all this down I REALLY think a 2-bay with 2.5Gbe would be a more appropriate solution!
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