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Low HEAT NAS Build

I Need a NAS which can host a couple of light Dockers, Handle 1( Ideally 2) 4K HDR Plex stream + some critical backups (ECC?)

My biggest need is to be as low HEAT as possible as the only place i can put it is the Pantry Smile

It can be buildable or an on market solution.
Considering your specific requirements for a low-heat NAS with the ability to host light Dockers, handle 4K HDR Plex streaming, and manage critical backups, I'd recommend looking into the Synology DS423+. It's a 4-bay NAS that should align well with your budget of 800 USD.

The DS423+ features a Realtek RTD1619B CPU, providing sufficient power for your needs while maintaining energy efficiency. It supports ECC RAM, which is beneficial for critical backups, ensuring data integrity. With your existing RED disks, you can set up a reliable storage solution.

Synology's DSM operating system makes it user-friendly, and the DS423+ is known for its low noise and heat emissions. This makes it suitable for placement in confined spaces like your pantry.

Feel free to explore more details about the DS423+ and check for the latest pricing and availability in Hungary. You can also use the NAS Finder tool at for additional options that match your criteria.

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