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Choose the right NAS?


I am looking for a professional advise please

I already have 2 laptops at home, yet none have enough HDD space of course to back up my data, specially movies, so now what i am looking for is long-term solution for my data storage where i dont have to worry about losing data after some time, and strong transcoding for 4k movies to show on my tv.

I have been considering many options, and find that NAS is better solution, however, i am annoyed with the fact that NAS considered a laptop as well and i already have 2 laptops

do you recommend having buying NAS device? or you can suggest different solution?
And if NAS. which one is the best for streaming 4K movies on my TV, preferably 2 bay one.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

New Qnap TS-251D is an excellent release featuring things like HDMI2.0 for 4K videos. You can also upgrade it via PCIe slot and stream videos remotely thanks to its GPU chip built-in. Dual disk solution makes sure that both disks mirrors each other keeping your data safe. You can then mount it to your laptops and mobile devices gaining extra storage space and automated backup solution.I hope this helps.

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