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16 Bay QNAP TS-1673U-8G ?

Hi Rob ,

I am a fan of you in your youtube review. I actually bought the QNAP TS-453A partly on your review.

Right now I have a TS-453A with 8 GB and certainly cannot cope with what I like to do.

1. Can this unit accept standard RAM (say Crucial) so that I can upgrade it 32 GB. Can the existing 2 x 4GB be used with 2 x 16 GB RAM?

2. I intend to use the server for container technology. Will this be able to work with this use-case with 40 GB ram. The container will act as say a git server, plex server, linux server.

3. Can the container have 64-bit machine, that is the cpu must be 64-bit registers?

4. Have tried using the integrated Radeon for calculations?

5. I you have not, do you think it will work for the above use-case ?

6. Is this unit fast enough to stream 4k video files. The TS-453A I have cannot do the job.

As I am about to pull the trigger on this a speedy answer will be much appreciated!!

Cheers, Ric
TS-453A is fairly old NAS. It used to be a great choice, but now people choose the new model which is TS-453Be.CPU will not support more than 16GB of RAM on this model. You may need to think about Qnap TS-473/73e model for this. You could also install dedicated GPU for virtual machines if you happen to need this.The 53A could stream some of the 4K (H.264). Transcoding might cause troubles. But direct streaming should be OK.I hope this helps.

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