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NAS setup

I am a photographer and have recently started doing 4k videos for my clients.

This has highlighted to me the need for more storage that has redundancy and can be easily backed up.

I would think that I would dump all my camera files onto the NAS and work from there.

Cache files would be stored locally on a NVME ssd drive

The NAS would store my video and photo archives as well.

I'm scared of going overkill mode on this, but my thought is to have a 4 bay drive housing, and initially use two 18TB drives.

I did see your video where you used 3 drives, with two being raid, but I didnt understand that fully!

I work by myself so not needing others to access files at the same time.

I was also wondering how expensive are these devices to run since I presume you leave them on all the time.

For your photography and 4k video needs, the DS923+ would be an excellent choice, providing both reliability and future-proofing. With the ability to upgrade to 10GbE and support for NVMe pools, it ensures seamless data transfer and efficient storage performance. Considering your solo work approach, the 4-bay configuration allows flexibility without going overboard. Storing camera files directly on the NAS and utilizing a local NVMe SSD for cache files aligns perfectly with optimizing your workflow. As for the RAID setup, you could start with a 2x18TB RAID configuration for redundancy, and our video on using 3 drives might offer more insights into RAID setups for additional redundancy or performance benefits. In terms of expenses, the DS923+ is power-efficient, and leaving it on all the time won't break the bank. For more details and assistance, check our NAS Finder Tool at to fine-tune your NAS choice based on your specific requirements. Happy shooting and storing!

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