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iSCSI Setup for Synology DS118

I have Synology DS118 with 12 TB HDD. Using DS118 NAS as media library (Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, etc.) to stream to TV via Nvidia Shield with Kodi app. NAS is already set up for SMB and NFS (for Kodi) and mapped to my laptop. I have a 5.45 TB library on an external HD. I would like to directly connect my DS118 to my laptop as it seems this would be the fastest way to transfer (copy) my large library to the DS118. A few questions: 1) Is it possible to set up an iSCSI on the DS118 (which only has 1 ethernet port)? If possible, would I have to setup iSCSI again when I disconnect from laptop and put DS118 back on the router...then, at some point, directly connect back to laptop to transfer (copy) future large amounts of data?
Certainly, connecting your DS118 directly to your laptop for faster data transfer is a great idea, but iSCSI might not be the most suitable solution for your use case. iSCSI is typically used for block-level access to storage and might not provide the convenience you're looking for in terms of accessing your media library. Instead, I recommend sticking with SMB for direct connections or using a USB docking station for efficient data transfer between your laptop and DS118. This approach ensures seamless access to your data without the need to reconfigure iSCSI settings every time you switch between direct connection and router connection.

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