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Thanks for your recent series on DIY NAS. With the recent releases of the Flashtor NVME NAS and QNAP tbs-h574tx NVME NAS, it’s exciting to see this new trend emerging.
I’m seeking your advice on a DIY solution for NVME NAS please.
i come across this motherboard that supports 6 bay NVME
It looks like a good solution for a DIY NVME NAS. The only downside is a 2.5GBE instead of a 10GBE. What do you think of this as a DIY solution? Would an external 10GBE adapter work with this MB? Do you know of an alternative DIY solution?

Thank you for your advice.
Hey Quynh! Exciting times in the DIY NAS realm, huh? The Minisforum AD650I does seem like a solid pick with its support for 6 bay NVMe – quite a storage beast! While it sports a 2.5GbE instead of a 10GbE, fret not. You can explore using a USB 5GbE adapter or even two for some link aggregation magic, offering you higher speeds. The versatility of this setup should align well with most scenarios, and the Gen3 NVMe support is more than decent. If you're still on the fence, check out our DIY articles for more alternatives and tips tailored to your home/pro video editing needs. Cheers to your NVMe NAS adventure! ?

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