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Migration from 920+ to 1522+ or 1621+

Two questions with the basis that I am upgrading from a 920+ so that I can get some extra bays (bonus) and access to 10Gb ethernet.

#1 - Can I just unplug the 920+ drives and plug them into either the 1522+ or 1621+ and have it boot up or do I need to buy drives to populate the new machine and copy everything over?

#2 - Possibly answered by #1, which of the two is a better unit to consider?
Hey there! Making the jump from the DS920+ to either the DS1522+ or DS1621+ is a solid move, especially with the added bays and 10GbE capability. Good call on future-proofing! Now, for your questions:

#1 - Yep, you're in luck! You can indeed unplug those trusty drives from your DS920+ and plug them right into either the DS1522+ or DS1621+. No need to buy new drives or engage in a lengthy data transfer dance – just plug and play, my friend.

#2 - Choosing between the two? Well, it boils down to how many bays you're eyeing. Both units are quite similar in performance, so if you're after more bays, the DS1522+ is your go-to. If you need a bit more room to expand, the DS1621+ has a tad more capacity. So, it's really a matter of bay preference.

Considering your home setup with a sprinkle of small business and security needs up there in the Great White North, either would do the trick. Feel the need to play around with the configurations? Check out the NAS Finder tool at for a hassle-free setup journey. Cheers to your NAS upgrade adventure! ?

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