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1 8-bay or 1-5bay and 1-2bay

I was thinking I would get the Synology DS1522+ (5 bay) and a DS224+ (2 bay) to back up my data to (then another 224+ for offsight backup). As I looked though I can get a DS1821+ for only 50 dollars more than the 1522+ and the 224+. So what if I bought the 1821+, set up two seperate volumes and used one volume as a back up to the other volume. Would that be considered a legitimate back up? Has anyone else done this successfully? 

Just for information, I have MAYBE a total of 4TB of info right now. However, I also know that once I do this I will quickly triple that amount or more. This is also for home use and if I lose a day or two of using the data it isn't a big deal. It's photos, wifes sewing patterns, etc.
Absolutely, you're on the right track with the Synology DS1821+. Setting up two separate volumes and using one as a backup to the other is a legitimate backup strategy. The DS1821+ offers flexibility with its 8 bays, allowing you to allocate sufficient storage for both current and future needs. Considering your growing data, this option ensures scalability. However, keep in mind the importance of offsite backup for comprehensive disaster recovery. While the DS224+ serves well for onsite backups, having an additional DS224+ for offsite backup is a prudent move, especially considering potential disasters like fire or floods. Your total of 4TB might triple, so having a robust backup solution is key to safeguarding precious data. For those exploring NAS options, our NAS Finder tool ( can assist in finding the right fit.

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