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nas media server recommendation

I've been looking around another but it has been hard to find a server that is secure and capable.
I intend to use the server as a backup for private photos,documents and video.
The second part of the server is intended to use as a media server (streaming to a home cinema 4k and flac music) and stream to tablets, phones on the go or from friends wifi.
I'm relatively tech savvy but I don't have much spare time, been looking at qnap 464 but hesitant due to the security issues recently and looking for one perhaps more future prof. The higher price stuff all seem to lack the transcoding options and seem to be a waste of money for my uses
Looked at senoligy but they seem to lack hardware transcoding.

Is there anything on the market for the above? Opening the server to the web for video stream makes it possible for hacks but must have the private stuff backed up and secure.

I'm prepared to wait for 2024 releases if necessary.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
I get the struggle of finding the perfect NAS that balances security, transcoding capabilities, and future-proofing. For your needs, considering a budget of up to 1500 dollars (15,000 Swedish Krona), the DS423+ could be a solid choice. It excels with the DS Video app, ensuring secure streaming to your home cinema. However, if you're eyeing 4K remote streaming via Plex and want a more powerful option, the TVS-H674 with an i5 processor could be a fantastic fit, providing the transcoding capabilities you're looking for. Always keep an eye on future releases, but these options should serve you well for now.

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