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Nas confusion?

Hi Rob,
great resource you have here! Looks like I might be wanting to buy a first NAS at a tricky time with new models due from Synology for the DSM but here goes.
Thoughts on entry level stuff if you have time.
Considering DS220j v DS218play v TS230
Latter is tempting me because of the RAM and being the newest but had kind of gone for Synology in my head. Started at 220j but watching your reviews realise it to be a bit crippled which is a shame.
So any advice greatly appreciated as I've been going round in circles for some time.
Will be used for some video sharing to a smart tv, photo storage and pc/mac backups with two 4TB mirrored drives.
Best regards
Yes, new TS-230 is indeed a model with the latest technology inside of it. Performance-wise you would probably not feel much of a difference between these models, because all of them run on Gigabit network. But if you will need some transcoding for certain videos then Qnap will do a better job.These are all budget models, but they all do a great job with simple things like backing up and storing your multimedia on your network.I hope this helps.

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