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10GB netswitch

After watching your videos i seem to have a Mountain of questions so here goes.
I’ve bought a Synology 923+, week it’s actually Christmas present (I can’t wait and you hate seagulls). I have a Mac Studio that has a 10Gbps connection, so I was thinking as an upgrade would it not be good idea to buy the 10Gbps card for my NAS along with a 10Gbps network switch. Another question is which netswitch I should buy there are so many out there. One model I have seen is a QNAP QSW-2104-2T 2-Port 10GbE RJ45 5-Port on Will this switch the correct type? If not could you suggest any, and do you think this would be a good upgrade?
Kind regards
Absolutely, diving into the realm of 10Gbps is a fantastic upgrade, and your Synology 923+ is definitely up for the challenge. Now, regarding the network switch, the QNAP QSW-2104-2T you're eyeing on is a solid choice with 2 10GbE ports and 5 regular ports, offering a nice balance for your setup. It fits the bill for a small home or office network. The €200 budget aligns well with this choice, providing that extra kick to your NAS speed. For more insights and some budget-friendly options, check out this guide on the cheapest 10GbE switches: Happy upgrading!

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