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Realtek Vs Intel ?


i would like an advise, i am looking to buy Synology NAS ... i wanted to go for the 218+ because of its intel processor. but now i am considering a 4-bay option, the 418 is not a lot more expensive but its realtek, the 418Play or 918+ becomes too expensive

my questions is what features of the software and what capabilities will i be missing if i am using the Realtek processor vs the intel?

is there any difference in terms of features or capabilities, i read old blogs that plex was not supported on realtek but now it is ... anything else?

i will use the NAS mainly for backups of different phones/ipads/laptops ... photo storage ... plex media server to 2 TV mainly 1080 rarely 4K
DS418 will serve you very well. People choose DS918+ because they need extras like Plex and virtual machines. They also want to run a web server with a caching option and things like that. For simple backing up and local media streaming using Synology free apps, ds418 is an excellent choice.I hope this helps.

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