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First NAS- local PC backups, local streaming of media files

I currently use an external 5TB USB 3.0 HDD to store both my PC backups and local media files (TV shows, movies), which is inherently risky.

As part of my backup strategy, I'm setting up an online backup (BackBlaze) but I want to also set up my first NAS to store these files locally instead of on the portable drive.

Primary uses: storing local PC backups of key folders/documents, storing and streaming media files (TV shows, movies) to devices on my home network only. Max users on the LAN accessing movies at the same time is 2-3, but most of the time it's just me (1 user).

I do not have a desire to access or stream any files from home while I travel on any device, so Kodi has worked great for me instead of Plex (I tried both).

I don't do any software dev, container, VM or media creation work.

Thank you in advance!
Considering your requirements for local PC backups and media file storage and streaming, both the Synology DS224+ and DS223 could serve you well. The DS224+ comes with additional backup features and a slightly more powerful quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor. This makes it a robust choice for your current needs and offers room for future requirements. On the other hand, the DS223, with its Realtek RTD1619B CPU and 2 bays, provides a reliable option for your specified usage. Both options fit well within your budget and ensure a secure and efficient solution. Explore the Black Friday deals ( for potential discounts. Happy NAS shopping!

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