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I checked your articles but still not able to decide.
Last year I lost my phone and lost the pictures of my kids hence decided to go for a NAS.

I want, in the future to be able to plug at least 4 cameras. I've read the following from Synology's website:
- 4 cameras

- 30 days storage
- 24 hours recording

=> 7 TB to plan

To you agree with than?

Other than monitoring, I'd like to save our phones and computers.
Some business stuff but not too heavy (500GB max).

As I'm not a developer, I like Synology OS as I feel it would be easier to manage.
Also, I like the security that RAID 6 offers.

Would you please have any suggestions to me?
Am I realistic with the TB? With the budget (without disk)?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Absolutely, considering your needs, the Synology DS423+ could be an excellent choice. It not only accommodates up to 4x18TB of storage but also supports remote access for CCTV, making it ideal for your plan to connect four cameras with 30 days of storage. The Synology OS offers user-friendly management, perfect if you're not into coding. Additionally, your preference for RAID 6 aligns with the DS423+'s capabilities, providing the security you're looking for. As for the budget, you might want to check out any Black Friday deals ( to get the best value for your investment. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions!

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