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Choice of NAS


I appreciate your videos and wanted to write because I am a bit lost between all the choice here. I am looking for a NAS to sync with my 100TB dropbox which holds the majority of the film footage of my company. A film production company.

The wish is to edit 4k, 6, and 8k footage directly off the NAS. Ideally through Thunderbolt 3 and 10GBe or higher.

I have done this in the past with a QNAP TVS-872XT-i5-16G which worked reasonably well.

Now I am looking at a QNAP TVS-H874T-I7-32G and I am wondering if I will really see a noticeable performance boost as it will be mostly read and write tasks. I know that apps and such will run much fast on the system but for the actual day to day use will it perform that much better?

I am also considering a Synology alternative, I like the OS much better, any recommendations there?

Thank you,

Hey Scott! Thanks for the kind words! Considering your film production needs, the QNAP TVS-H874T-I7-32G is a solid choice, offering a substantial performance boost, especially with Thunderbolt 3 and enhanced read/write speeds. The upgraded cache, PCIe slots, and faster Thunderbolt make it three times faster than its predecessor. If you're drawn to Synology's OS, the Synology XS series presents a compelling alternative. While the QNAP edges ahead in speed, the Synology OS provides a user-friendly experience. Given your emphasis on Thunderbolt, the QNAP seems tailored for your workflow. Also, don't miss out on any Black Friday deals ( that might sweeten the deal. Happy editing!

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