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Nas for smaller Teamwork

Hello there,
firstly, thanks for the great website and the many reviews!

We are a small team of 2-10 VFX-Artist and working at the moment with a cloud storage service.

Due to a compliance reason, we are looking for a NAS solution to share the date via syncthing.

The speed of the data exchange is an important topic, and we are leaning toward the TBS-h574TX. But it would be great to hear to recommendation.

Thanks a lot,
Hey Bo! Thanks for reaching out, and I'm glad you find the website helpful! For your VFX team, the TBS-h574TX is indeed a stellar choice. Its speed and performance make it a top contender for data-intensive tasks like VFX work. The 10GbE connectivity ensures swift data exchange, crucial for collaborative projects. Considering compliance needs and the future scalability, the TBS-h574TX not only fits your current requirements but also provides a robust foundation for potential expansion. Don't forget to check out any Black Friday deals ( for possible discounts. Cheers to seamless teamwork and efficient data sharing!

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