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Home nas device

Hi, I've been looking for the last 6 months at all.dorts of NAS devices for backing up my photos and videos from my devices (3 X mobile phones, 1 X laptop 1x pc). I previously had a 2Tb WDmycloud which is now obsolete and has no supported software for backing up.
I'm looking for a device that will be reliable and run for quite a few years to just back up my devices, not used on constantly, just there for when I need it. I'm looking at single bays devices and having an external HD to back up to or my look at 2 bay if I can understand raid set up.
Products I have looked at are the Synology ds124 and the newer WDmycloud devices but the reviews don't seem very good for them?
Absolutely, ensuring a reliable backup solution is crucial, especially for your precious photos and videos. While the DS124 is an option, it's worth considering the DS223 for a more robust setup with two drives, providing a level of redundancy. If you're open to exploring a bit more, the DS224+ or the older DS220+ could offer enhanced features and performance within your budget. These options not only provide backup but also give you the flexibility to understand and utilize RAID setups for added data security. Checking out the NAS Finder tool ( might help you in making a more informed decision. Happy hunting, and take advantage of the Black Friday deals available:!

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