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ds1520+ upgrades and expansion suggestions

My 1520+ is almost at capacity and I've never upgraded the unit itself. Should I upgrade the ram? It's only 1 slot available, correct? Also, using primarily using plex is it worth upgrading the nvme ssd ports? As far as memory, I'm considering the dx517 expansion. Could I use lower capacity drives (5 x 10tb)? Would this create problems with the existing ds1520 with 5 x 16tb drives? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Certainly, diving into upgrades for your DS1520+ is a smart move. If the Cache Advisor feature in DSM suggests the need for cache, go for it – it can significantly boost performance. As for RAM, while additional memory is beneficial, it's not a necessity unless you're running low. Regarding the DX517 expansion, you can use lower capacity drives like 5 x 10TB, but keep in mind they'll need to be set up in a separate RAID configuration. Expanding an existing RAID via an expansion unit requires using the same or larger drives as the original RAID setup. Your primary use case with Plex looks solid, and if you're on the lookout for more NAS options or upgrades, the NAS Finder tool ( can help. And hey, with Black Friday deals in full swing, it's a great time to explore any additional accessories or upgrades: Happy upgrading!

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