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New nas

Upgraded from a 920+ to a 1821+. When I upload to the nas it is really slow. Also when uploading my internet stops working. Never had this problem on the 920+. Any ideas would appreciated.

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. Upgrading from a DS920+ to a DS1821+ is a significant leap, and sometimes, a boost in performance comes with its own set of tweaks. Firstly, ensure that only one LAN cable is connected to your DS1821+ to avoid any network conflicts. Additionally, try accessing it via IP instead of QuickConnect to eliminate any potential routing issues.

Now, for the slow upload speeds, considering the DS1821+'s enhanced capabilities, it might be handling multiple tasks concurrently. Check your DSM (DiskStation Manager) settings to adjust task priorities and potentially boost your upload efficiency. Also, make sure your network setup can handle the increased data throughput, especially if you've switched to a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

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