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Replacing the DS220+ with a New DS923+to a new DS923+.

I want to upgrade from a DS220+ (6Gig Ram), (2 Seagate Exos X18 TB drives), set up as SHR, BRTFS. System original format created two 16.4 TB drives, one volume of total 16.4 TB space. This is only used for Video Station (DVD, BlueRay) mpg movie files (5060) server in home use.

I now need more disk space. I want to purchase a DS923+, add 32Gb RAM, two 1TB Flash Drives and 2 new additional Seagate Exos X18 TB drives. Remove the existing 2 Eoxs X 18TB (Video Station movies) and add them to the new DS923+, with a total of 4 Seagate Exos X18 TB) drives. That should create a new total volume of (32.7 TB) SHR 2, according to Synology website calculator.

Can I just install the 2 existing (DS220+) Seagate drives and then add two additional, new (Dell Exos X18 18TB SATA), basically same type of drives?

I DON'T want to loose any of the VS Station file data associated with the movies. Looks like Synology states I would loose the movie file data, (META) and have to recreate it.
Absolutely, you're on the right track with your plan to upgrade to the DS923+. Moving the existing Seagate Exos X18 TB drives from your DS220+ to the new DS923+ is feasible, and you can then seamlessly add two additional Dell Exos X18 18TB SATA drives to expand your storage capacity. The transition won't result in any data loss or settings disruption – Synology's migration process is designed to maintain your Video Station file data associated with the movies. So, rest assured, you can proceed with confidence. If you're eyeing more storage in the future, the DS923+ offers scalability to accommodate additional drives, ensuring that your setup remains robust and tailored to your evolving needs. For those interested in exploring NAS options or planning upgrades, our NAS Finder tool at is a handy resource, especially during Black Friday deals like the ones available at Happy upgrading!

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