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Move back to Synology?

I used Synology's in the past, and I really liked the software. On the hardware side I always found Synology's a bit underwhelming. So I moved to unRAID in a rackmount. My findings so far rackmount stuff is cool, but it is noisy, produces a lot of heat, and is more expensive. Also what I found out Synology's software is really good. Now I'm considering to move back to Synology DS plus series. I already testing a mini pc which hosts Proxmox a hypervisor. So also desktop hardware. Has anyone information when the DS2424+ will be released? My guess is in the first or second quarter of 2024 seen the release cycle. What is your guess?
If I stick to rackmount stuff then the RS2423+ is an option too. The only downside till now they don't have RX1223 without the redundant power supply. I informed at Synology, but they don't share the road map. They told me to subscribe to the news letter. Anyone who has inside information? I guess not.. Smile
Most likely first quarter of 2024
(11-24-2023, 10:20 AM)ed Wrote: Most likely first quarter of 2024

I guess you answered my original question? Smile

Any information about the release of the rx1223 or rx1224 expansion unit without the redundant power supply?

Thank you!

I did a comparison, because energy is crazy expensive. So the desktops models are way more energy efficient.

A full system with disks DS2422 + and DX1222 132 watts.
disks sleeping 50 watts.

A full system RS2423 + and RX1223RP 214 watts.
disk sleeping 77 watts.

A small side note...
I'm leaning towards the new DS2424+ also because of more energy efficiency. I just today got an advice from the electric company to increase my monthly payment to €152. Insane electric costs. I paid €170 a year ago so I replaced a power hungry xeon server for mini pc. So I went down in electrical costs to €125. Now we are going up again... Sad

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