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Which NAS box is practial for a File server and a GIT Server for colaborative software development?


I'm looking to get a NAS for 2 reasons.

1. The first is for safe storage of files, including videos and photos, and work.
2. The second is for a colaborative project where I'll need a GIT server installed on the NAS, so that between 10 to 30 people can work on the projects and save their cahnges to the GIT server.

Originally I was very fond of the Asustor AS5403T, based on your review, but that was before I considered the use for a GIT server. There seems to be no information on what NAS server I should use based on the project repository size, or the number of users that will access it, specifically in terms of the memory required on teh NAS box.

I'd love to get any recommendation.

Yes, you can surely do all of this on Asustor. Here is how very similar performance would deliver TS-453Be from Qnap. You will also get better support and additional functionality.Here is a recommended spec for GIT server: hope this helps.

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