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NAS for 3d, After Effects, Editing, and Online Grading in Resolve?


We are creative studio production high end trailers for the the games industry. We currently have a 10gbe Mac mini connected to a Promise R8 32 GB to provide shared storage. Performance has been variable. Workstations are all new Mac Pros. We are in the market for a very robust and scalable storage solution that is preferably not too loud. We don't have a dedicated server room at the moment. Needs to be fast, and responsive for up to 10 concurrent users.

Any tips?
You will need at least 8 Pro drives in a RAID10 to get the best performance out of them. Or even SSD storage, but this might cost too much. TVS-1282 and TVS-872XT would be a good option for 4-6 editors. That is at 4K. If you edit 1080p films then you might be OK. TS-1685 would allow a few more editors in 4K. But I would really suggest considering rack-mount. Yes, it will be quite loud, but this is what people choose with so many users.Some models look at TS-1677XU and QNAP-TVS-1582TU-I7.I hope this helps.

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