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Which is NAS for me...?


I'm 65 so no spring chicken... few years ago purchased a NETGEAR unit and it just lay in a corner....

Very recently purchased a new boxed WD EX-2 Ultra containing a pair of WD Red 4TB drives

I use both Windows PC and Apple MacBook Pro 16"

Have been advised by a friend that the WD is not the way forward and that I should have purchased a QNAP or a Synology...

Also now looking at various links it seems MAC users are not happy with WD.

So...I could keep my drives and put the bare bones EX-2 Ultra oneBay

Kind regards,

WD EX2 is a very good network drive. If all you need is data stored on the network, this NAS will do a good job. It is also easier to set up.But if you need extras like video transcoding, streaming and other 100 things then Qnap and Synology will do a better job.If you do need a similar alternative for WD then it would be DS218play or TS-251B.I hope this helps.

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