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QNAP NAS as Media HUB (4K and 1080p)?

Hello, and happy Easter!
I hope you are well and coping well with the COVID 19.

I am planning to move from a DAS to a NAS for my media collection. The plan is to use the NAS mostly for 1080p and 4K HDR videos with True-HD and DTS-MA audio and stream them to a Sony 4K player UBP-X700. Other uses will be for images, and stream audio to my receiver. I already own two 10 TB NAS driver Toshiba N300.

The main use will be access to the NAS from one device at the time (the player or the receiver) and maybe access the NAS from outside when travelling for downloading or moving files.

I was thinking about either the QNAP TS251B or D. I understood the differences between the two, by watching your videos and reading. The D is a better product, especially for the PCLe slot and HDMI, in addition to newer components and faster RAM. However, I will probably not invest in the future in a 10GbE network (I will connect all to the BT Smart Hub), although I may decide to buy in the future a card for SSD caching. My two questions are: are they both capable to give a smooth experience, especially for the streaming of 4K movies, as I didn’t find “real tests” examples online? And, considering the use primarily as Media player, would it be a better option to get a 251B and invest in more RAM or go directly the D?
Many thanks!

Yes, TS-251D is more innovative NAS and features the latest technology features. But bot of them will perform very similar. You can stream 4K locally and also remotely via Qnap Video Station app. You can also upgrade both boxes with SSD cache card. If you do not plan on upgrading to 10GbE, then a 251B will be a cheaper option.I hope this helps.

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