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TS-664 SSD set up raid positioning

Hi Guys Really appreciated your video's and time,

I Have got my self a
QNAP TS-664,
2x Samsung 970 evo 1TB SSD NVMe
3x Seagate iron wolf 6TB NAS HDD's
3x Samsung 250 Gb HDD's (will upgrade these 3 in time)

Current I have the
3x 6TB in raid 5 installed first as raid group 1 (apps installed here)
2x 970 evo's in raid 1 as raid group 2 (as I installed these 2nd)
3x 250GB in raid 5 as raid group 3 (where laying around so thought why not to installed them )

All in one storage pool

would this be the best way to set up this configuration.
or am I better to have two separate storage pools for the 2 raid 5's

My Main question is:
if using the 970 evos as cache is it a good or bad idea to,
install the 970's first in a raid 1 so the Apps install on these
SSD's and then add the x2 raid 5's to the storage pool
and then covert lets say 600Gb NVMe to cache

Many Thanks & Kind Regards
Qnap do not allow sharing NVMe between cache and storage. You need to choose one or the other.
But if you start with NVME and install OS and apps on this media- caching is not really required anymore.
If you had a office full of people accessing data then caching would be useful for data transfers.
You can merge everything together using Q-tier. But I find it more useful to keep all pools separate. You have more control on what data at what time goes to what media.

I hope this helps.

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