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Ugrade DS1512+

My Ds1512+ is almost full, 5x3TB WD Reds using SHR. Time to update.
Looked into expanding my DS1512+ but the cost is not really worth the reward.
My NAS consist of movies, mp3, photos and private personal data storage.
I want to have the capability to add 20-25 high quality outside 4K cameras.
Currently using Swann analog system of 4 cameras, which I think is junk.
I live on an acre of property with 2 detached large garages. House and 1 garage is currently wired with CAT 5E.
The other garage , 125ft away from house, will be getting Cat6a underground wired, soon. Is there a better choice?

Want to use 2.5GBe or 10GBe network. Only have a few devices capable of 2.5GBe, but I want to update for future expansion and capabilities.
I've been reading up on the DS923+, Ds1521+, DS1621+, DS1821+
Was thinking that creating 3 pools of data, movies and cameras , not sure if that is smart though.
Want to user SHR1.
How many disk will I need and what size should I get?
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