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Replacement for QNAP TS-219P II

We use currently an old QNAP TS-219P II and a disk would need to be replaced. Now, the device reached its EOL and replacment would make sense. Used by 5 people in 4 different houses for Sync (Qsync) and backup only. Other features tried out but not really used. Also, no photo or streaming is used.
Goal: 2 bay, 4 TB for sync and backup. Low maintenance needed (Synology or QNAP seem to fit here).

I read about security concerns when it comes to QNAP and was tending towards the Synology DS220j or DS220+. I would say DS220+ would be the closer replacement of the QNAP, but I was wondering if the DS220j would not be sufficient for our simple need of sync and backup with low speed needed? Or maybe another QNAP? I see that spending more money can make sense but in the last 11 years we did NOT use any of the features expext sync and bckup. As long as security is same I would save that difference.
best and thank you,

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