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Choosing RAID level

My question is, should I choose RAID level 5 or 6 if I have a 5-bay NAS with all bays populated with 20 TB drives? If 5-bay expansions are added, should I expand the same RAID over them, or create new RAID group(s) and why?
Recently I watched one of your videos on YouTube titled "Choosing the Right NAS RAID Guide" (, and although it contains information about various RAID levels out there, that's not what I would expect from a video like that. You see, there is already plenty of information about RAID levels on the Internet (including NAS's manufacturer's own websites). So as an idea for a future video, perhaps, would be to go over all possible NAS configurations (like, 2-bay NAS, 4-bay, 4-bay with 5 bay expansion, etc.) and specify which RAID level would *you* recommend setting up in each specific case (with justification).

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