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Total RAM Size

(03-19-2023, 10:00 PM)Enquiries Wrote: I have just purchased the DS920+, am using it as a media server, have ripped all my movies, TV series and as a collector of vinyl records have my collection on. I am using Jellyfin on Docker and stream it to an Android device which also has Jellyfin installed

I know the maximum is 8gb RAM, was wondering what the unofficial storage is

At the moment I have 1 x 14tb Toshiba hard drive (I ordered 4 Seagate 14tb NAS drives), all were duds upon arrival so opted for Toshiba. Am looking at buying additional 14tb Toshiba drives over the next few months. I also have a DAS where I backup to each month

Don't know if you can help but how do you remotely connect to view my media from another location on Jellyfin using the Android device.

If I may also say, have watched quite a lot of your videos on youtube and find it very informative. Many thanks

I have a DS920+ and have a total of 20GB (4GB installed + 16GB of Crucial) and it runs and has run for almost 3 years without any problems.  

Seeing as how I just had a really bad experience with a couple of Toshiba N300 NAS drives still under warranty, I sure wouldn't buy that brand ever again.  Do some research and llook for "Toshiba Disk_Shift Errors".  My preference is WD Red's Plus with 5yr warranty for reliabilty.

Can't help you with the rest of your questions.

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