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Expanded storage pool failed - degraded raid

I have a DS1522+. Unfortunately my expansion of the storage pool failed in a RAID 5. I have four 10TB drives and added a fifth and it failed. Now the RAID is degraded. I only used about 55% of my storage.

I can't get a correct replacement unfortunately. Is there a way to undo the expansion and go back to my 4 drives and fix the degraded status? Or will I have to re-do the entire raid array? I have my data all backed up.

For context I had 4 shucked drives. Got a fifth which failed. I tried to get a replacement but that drive is a slightly different 10TB model after I shucked it. 

Thank you!

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Expanded storage pool failed - degraded raid - by kuno - 03-04-2023, 07:55 AM

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