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Data migration from Drobo 5D to QNAP TS464

In a macOS environment, there are several options to migrate data from a Drobo 5D (DAS) to a QNAP TS464 (NAS), including:

rsync in CLI: rsync is a command-line tool for copying and synchronizing files between computers. You can use rsync to transfer your data from the Drobo 5D to the QNAP TS464, and it supports options for verifying data and resuming file transfers if interrupted.

Resilio Sync app: Resilio Sync is a cross-platform file synchronization tool that can be used to transfer data between the Drobo 5D and QNAP TS464. With Resilio Sync, you can easily manage file transfers and set up real-time file synchronization between your devices.

Other data migration apps: There are also other data migration apps available for macOS, such as Carbon Copy Cloner, which can be used to clone your data from the Drobo 5D to the QNAP TS464.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to properly back up your data before beginning the migration process. Additionally, it's recommended to use a wired Ethernet connection for transferring large amounts of data to ensure stability and fast transfer speeds.

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