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First NAS recommendations

Thank you very much!

Probably I won't be able to put it anywhere else at the moment so I would have to deal with the noise somehow. Maybe I'll just set some working hours and turn it off when not needed or set up Wake on LAN. I saw your recent video where you said it doesn't have to be always on so I think I'll figure something out. If it will be way too annoying then I'll think about something else.

After watching many of your videos and reading a few articles I decided I'll buy a DS1522+ instead and put it in a RAID 6 just to be extra safe.

I still can't decide which HDDs to choose. I know I want something at least 8-10TB and preferably bigger ones, but I can't decide which ones to take because of that noise factor. I've read that those with higher volumes are noisier and also the pro versions are usually significantly louder.

I'm thinking about Seagate Ironwolf 12TB (or eventually 8TB) or the WD Red Plus ones (10TB, 12 TB, or 14 TB). Are there any big differences between them and are any of those quieter than the others? And maybe some other brands or there's not much difference between the pro versions?

And of course, I'll buy some additional RAM and NVMe drives. How big those NVMes should be for a cache? It's better to stay with Synology ones or maybe some other brands?

I know it's a lot of questions but I want to make sure that I'll buy the right thing. Thank you for all your help, videos, and articles. It's super helpful!  Big Grin

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