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DS920+ advice?

Hi there. First of all I want to thank you for your guides and articles. I have recently started going down the NAS rabbit hole and this website has been a great source of information!

I‘m planning to set up a NAS system at home for the first time (probably trying to get a good Black Friday deal), and using it mainly as a safe backup/storage/cloud solution with occasional video streaming to my 4K LG tv.

In order to have redundancy for faulty drivers I‘m mainly looking at 4-5 bay drives, the favorite atm being Synology‘s DS920+. Obviously I was also anticipating yesterday’s Synology event to see if picking up the DS923+ or something else might be better.

But as it stands, my current favorite is still the Synology DS920+ with
4 x 6 TB, WD Red Plus drives (

What would be your advice? What would be a good future proof set up for my needs?

I might add that we recently downgraded to a 1gbit network connection and that the NAS will be in our living room so the drive’s noise levels will be a somewhat important factor as well.

Thanks in advance for your valvued advice! Have a nice day


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