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SMB Share Stability Problems


I have a DS1819 which I have set up as direct connection to MAC Mini M1. This was in the hope of managing our large (many TB) Lightroom Catalog directly on the NAS.

Basically Mac M1 connected via Sabrent 10 Gbe Adaptor to the E10G18-T1 expansion card. I have also tried via the Sabrent 2.5Gbe adaptor.

The SMB network shares are regularly dropping out 4 or 5 time a day. It is at the point where I am questioning this setup for my needs and looking at DAS.

I can't seem to find a iscsi Initiator for m1 and I am not sure if to us AFP rather than SMB. (AFP unsupported by apple)

Anyone have any suggestions? I have invested a lot of money in this setup.


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