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change volum

(09-23-2022, 08:30 PM)Enquiries Wrote: i have 4 x 10 GB on volum 1 , 10 GB on V 2
my plex is on V2 with only 1 TB left, while 21 on V1 which i use for learning adobe PS and AE
i use the Synology raid

i would like to add one of the V1 drive to V2

would appreciate any help

Moving a drive from one volume to another will not be possible without destroying that RAID. But if you are running out of space, you could replace two drives inside the V2 to gain more space. Otherwise in Plex settings you can select multiple sources for your media. Create another shared folder for Plex on Volume1 and add this to your plex. 

I hope this helps.

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