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No destructive migrate from DS3617xs to DS3622xs+

I have a 3 volume (two chassis) DS3617xs that I want to migrate to a dual chassis DS3622xs+. I have the DS3622xs+ and would buy a DX1222 chassis and populate with existing new hard drives. Right now the DS3622xs+ has one volume with a manually synced data image from the ds3617xs. On the DS3617xs one volume is data, one is Hyperback data and the third is Active Backup for Business data. I want to keep using the DS3617xs but have the DS3622xs+ as a backup in case the DS3617xs dies. Will one day switch over but not yet. If I use the migration wizard will I still be able to use the DS3617xs as before or can I now only use the DS3622xs+? I know how to keep the data volume on the DS3622xs+ synced with the old NAS but how would I keep the other two volumes synced? Thank You !!!!

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No destructive migrate from DS3617xs to DS3622xs+ - by ENQUIRIES - 09-23-2022, 05:30 PM

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