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Home NAS?

I have been looking for a while and think I have a good handle on the NAS basics, I want a NAS that I can store and access mainly photos and video from multiple devices. I plan on editing the files on the NAS as well, but no video streaming. I don't really trust the cloud and would like a local storage/backup solution. I have had several external hard drives go bad and I don't really think that is the best solution for me as it takes a routine to back things up as well. I started out looking at the 2-bay NAS but it seems to me that they just another "external drive" with a built-in backup. For a few bucks more I can get a 4-bay with a RAID 5 set up and have the same backup capabilities.

If you agree with all that, what do you think the best 4-bay NAS would be for me?

Thanks in advance... I love your website!

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