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Synology advice?

Yes, having an expansion box would be on an option or getting a cheap second hand NAS would be another option.If you replace few existing drives with bigger capacity and gain some extra storage space this way, you can use replaced drives in some old J or value series NAS. You will have a separate RAID/Volume and IP address, but this is an option.Otherwise, if you want everything under one IP address then an expansion unit is an option. Create a separate RAID/Volume and you don't need to worry about losing data.Connecting an external storage device via USB will not increase storage space. You can only copy to/from this USB drive, not usable for network access.Adding more RAM will not increase the speed unless you actually run low on RAM space. Then it would help. Simply having more RAM without using it is not beneficial.Adding cache will speed things up. But this is something to consider if you do access the same data often. So if you have 5+ users connecting this could help or if you run a web server or virtual machines where small files are often generated and accessed.I hope this helps.

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