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NAS for videoPhoto edit and entertainment?

Yes, this sounds like a good plan. Having 10GbE would ensure you get fast enough bandwidth to edit 4K easily. Choosing between DS220+ and 720+ is not that difficult. Both models feature exactly the same graphics chip. Having an extra few cores on 720+ allows people to run more apps in the background. But if your 1621+/ 21xs+ is the main NAS, then there is no reason for 720+.TVS-672N /72XT are a very popular choice among video editors thanks to its CPU/ NVMe / 10GbE /TB. But Synology will be easier to use and they have very good apps and relationships with another computer OS.I hope this helps.

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NAS for videoPhoto edit and entertainment? - by admin - 01-25-2021, 05:36 PM

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