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Drobo to Terramaster T6-423 9Bay NAS

Congrats on your new Terramaster T6-423 9-Bay NAS! Moving your data from your Drobo to the Terramaster shouldn't be too complicated. Here's a simple way to do it:

Connect Both Devices: First, make sure both your Drobo and Terramaster NAS are powered on and connected to your network.

Transfer Data: You can transfer your data from the Drobo to the Terramaster using your computer as an intermediary. Simply connect your computer to both NAS devices via the network. Then, access the Drobo's files from your computer and copy them over to the Terramaster's shared folders.

Verify Data: Once the data transfer is complete, double-check to ensure that all your files and folders have been successfully copied to the Terramaster.

Set Up SMB: Since you're planning to use the Terramaster for SMB (Server Message Block) to watch media on your Ziddo Z2000 Pro player, make sure to configure SMB shares on the Terramaster. This will allow your Ziddo player to access the media files stored on the Terramaster NAS seamlessly.

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