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What to do.

I have two QNAP 3 bay NA's which one is the main NAS (TS-351 2x500gb nvme and 3x2tb) and the other a backup TS-328 (3x2tb) Both raid 5. I have just decomissioned a Synology DS414 due to age with 2x2tb and 2x1gb running SHR. I was looking to perhaps get a little more space from looking at potentially upgrading my main nas to a 4 or 5 bay and changing the TS351 to backup (probably just a raid 0 although I don't like that idea as there is no failure tolerance). I do back up to several other sources too. So what I am looking for is a sensible file store option to I can move on the DS414 and the TS-328 but I don't need a media server as I have a mini pc for that and something I can re-use the NVME in and also add the 2x2tb to to up my space.
I am wary of synology now due to compatability of non synology drives but loved the SHR which meant I could fill it with spre disks as an extra backup before I got cloud storeage and local storage on other devices. what would you recommend I look at?

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