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UGREEN 5$ was a scam

Just an update to the comment above, UGREEN got back to me after around 12 hours (time different China vs UK, gonna cut them some slack on that one) and they provided the following statement (not dissimilar to the one of their official updates on the Kickstarter page here - )

"We're deeply grateful for your support of the Ugreen NASync Series on Kickstarter. We've received numerous inquiries and concerns about the $5 deposit, and we understand your apprehensions. Allow us to clarify the deposit policy once more.

Our initial intent with the $5 discount was to guage interest early to help spread out manufacturing and to thank our early supporters with the best discount. Unfortunately because we are new to crowdfunding we did not realize that this would not work. Our kickstarter and marketing teams were not as aligned on this as they needed to be to realize the problem. We apologize for this and will strive to do better in the future.

When we recognized this issue, we found ourselves with only two options: either extend the 40% off to everyone or retract it entirely due to the structure of Kickstarter tiers. Despite the potential cost, we believed it was essential to honor our original commitment and provide everyone with the 40% discount.

If you wish to avail yourself of the 40% off super early bird price, you can place your order now. If you require our further response, we will certainly fulfill our promise and our team is currently working on a solution and will inform everyone as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and support." - Ugreen NASync Team

So, kind of a 50/50 reply. But further to this, there have been numerous comments and replies by UGREEN to enquiries in the comments section (no means to directly link to them, just the overall comments section here - ) where UGREEN confirm that this $5 will be refunded. Overall, they definitely could have handled this better, but I wouldn't class this a scam tbh, just poor presentation.

[Image: ugreen-5-dollar-refund-comment.webp]
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