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TerraMaster NAS F4-421 understanding

Dear Sirs,
I bought a TerraMaster NAS F4-421 and I am starting with the installation, but the TRAID and partitioning system are not completely clear to me.
In the TerraMaster I inserted one 4TB hard disk; I would like to back up the data I have in a 2TB hard disk onto the TerraMaster, and then format and insert the 2TB hard-disk inside the NAS to be the 2nd hard-disk there. Is that possible?

I also have another clarifying question: if I start the NAS with two 4TB hard-disks in TRAID mode, can I then add another hard-disk with a lower capacity (re-using a spare hard-disk)? Or do I need to insert a new disk with a higher capacity than the ones already inside the NAS?

Thanks in advance!

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TerraMaster NAS F4-421 understanding - by ENQUIRIES - 03-21-2024, 12:00 PM
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