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Rack-mount TB4 DAS

Dear Robbie,
We have 140tb of the rarest medical conditions recorded in 8k 12bit raw, but we have the files on random HDDs; my data storage is terrible.
Some of the files are on an old TB2 QNAP DAS (tvs682t).
We plan to shoot another 100tb this year at a minimum, and I will need space for proxies and audio too.

Priorities are
1. ZFS (presumably with truenas scale, however I’m unsure about its TB support)
2. High speed ingest from 5x8k raw cameras +1 4k raw camera, plus drones/audio recording
3. Yearly/6 monthly drive pool expandability
4. WD ultrastar 22tb drives (only trust ultrastar)

We fully expect to pay for your advice, and would like to support your business with our purchasing if possible. Eventually, I wish to bring medicine in to the 21st century given the current state of our NHS, but that’s a whole other discussion for another day.

Thank you for everything you do for the community!

Kind regards,


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