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Help me find a NAS

I need a new NAS, my Drobo is 10+ years old, and they went bankrupt, so no new updates, no support. Kinda worried about it crapping out on me soon, so I wanted to get a new one.

I mainly use it for media storage, and serving videos through Plex. But also just file storage in general.

That's really all I'll be using it for, but I need a lot of storage because I ripped all of my movies/TV shows from disc. Also a built-in torrent client of some sort would be a plus.

A way to add more NAS to it after the fact would be nice too. Like get them to pool together? I don't know how to word it.

I was looking at these as potential candidates. You can tell me what you think, or if there's better options available.

Asustor Lockerstor 10 AS6510T - 10 Bay


QNAP TS-664-8G-US 6 Bay

Thanks for your help.

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