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NAS spec for GoPro video edits and transcoding

Want to build video edit and serve NAS for 5k HEVC like GoPro but not keen on Plex. Is there a m-ITX board family which can run a recent low-power INTEL with GPU onboard, like the Core i3-13100T or up? Want to have 10gbps if necessary by addon card. Can Plex Emby and others use the latest Intel UHD for transcoding or is graphics version irrelevant? Want to edit big GoPro files, and reccomendation for size and type of SSD in the NAS along with the platter drives to speed things up? If I had to go prebuilt, comments for this type of work. LAstly, seen on one of your Youtubes a teble of AMD cpus and their graphics capabilities, but cannot find it again. Thanks very much for the help.

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NAS spec for GoPro video edits and transcoding - by ENQUIRIES - 01-14-2024, 12:30 AM

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