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Looking for a replacement for my old TS-831X

Hi there, my name's Josh and I'm a cinematographer. In 2016 I purchased a Qnap TS-831X that I've used ever since without much issue. Lately I've started having a number of issues connecting from afar, and an issue even plugging in directly to it where my system can't delineate between whether it should use Wifi or the hard connection (obviously much faster). I have to turn off my Wifi to get appropriate speeds out of it.

I'm wondering if there's a better ecosystem for my use case, even if it's within Qnap. We have a lot of weddings to store and in a perfect world I'd like to be able to revisit any of those wedding projects on the fly if I choose.

Would love some help assessing my use case and finding the right solution. Thank you.

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Looking for a replacement for my old TS-831X - by ENQUIRIES - 01-13-2024, 11:30 PM

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